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  1. Bright White Shampoo

    Bright White Shampoo


    Bright White Shampoo is a non bleach whitening shampoo. It will intensify the white on all types of animals and removes stains from hair without harm or irritation to the skin. Contains coconut oil which acts as a built in conditioner. Ideal for Holsteins, Charolais and used by leading Texel and Beltex breeders to brighten faces, legs and the fleece. 4 Litres Concentrate Formula 10:1 more
  2. Sullivan's EZ Clean Waterless Shampoo
    This waterless shampoo is formulated for show animals. EZ Clean is ideal when the weather does not permit a regular washing and does not require rinsing. Great for sheep, cattle, horses, pigs, goats and many other species.945ml Bottle. more
  3. Lister Laser 2 Sheep/Dirty Cattle Clipper

    Lister Laser 2 Sheep/Dirty Cattle Clipper

    Regular Price: €395.00

    Special Price €385.00

    A well engineered machine. The powerful 180 watt motor producing an ultra efficient heavy duty appliance, affording operator many hours of reliable clipping and is cool running even in prolonged situations. Ideal for cleaning up cattle and trimming show cattle. The laser weighs 1.6kg, runs at 2600 spm and has a 180 watt motor. Comes with carry case and 12 month warranty more
  4. Heiniger Xtra Sheep/Dirty Cattle Clipper
    Manufactured in Switzerland by Heiniger this Clipper has a 320 watt motor, and will power through even the thickest, dirtiest coat. It has a cool running motor and will take all standard sheep combs and cutters. This machine is top quality and is designed for heavy professional use. Comes complete with carry case, cleaning brush and oil. 320 Watts Weight 1.6kg Cutting strokes 2400 spm more
  5. Heiniger 12V Sheep Clipper
    This sheep/dirty cattle clipper will run from a 12v car or tractor battery. Excellent power and very cool running. Will clip all day on a full charge and accommodates all leading manufacturers sheep combs and cutters and a special blade designed for trimming beef show cattle known as the "Shattle" blade. more
  6. Doc Brannens Clear/Black Magic
    Used for setting toplines on dairy cattle, favourite with dairy showmen worldwide more
  7. Doc Brannens Grooming Adhesive Black (known as Ezee Comb)
    Doc Brannen's Grooming Adhesive also known as Ezee Comb can be used on tails and legs as well as giving a natural fluffy look on the body. Has good holding power and will not clog the hair. Easily removed with Outcast or Sullivan's Hocus Pocus. more
  8. Wire Slicker Brush

    Wire Slicker Brush


    Ideal for grooming short coats on beef cattle of all breeds more
  9. Plastic Curry Comb

    Plastic Curry Comb


    Great for washing livestock massaging the skin while washing. more
  10. Broad Pin Comb

    Broad Pin Comb


    Heavy duty comb which is becoming increasingly popular with beef breeders. Much stronger than the wire slicker brush. Available in two sizes. more

Items 1 to 10 of 42 total

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