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  1. Heiniger Cordless Clipper
    The Heiniger Cordless clipper has a powerful motor and runs quietly. It is ideal for use where mains power is not accessible, or where safety is an issue. The battery will clip for approximately 45 minutes with a recharge time of the same. A second battery is recommended to give you continuous clipping and if bought at the same time as the clipper you will receive a £10 discount off the battery. This is our best selling cordless clipper and is used by both beef and dairy cattle. This clipper will take the full Heiniger range of cattle and horse blades, also the Aesculap and Stewart ranges. more
  2. Warts OFF Wart Treatment

    Warts OFF


    Excellent aid for removing external warts from cattle, horses, goats and dogs. Aids in the removal of warts without bleeding or pain. Simply apply Warts Off twice a day for results. May be applied to the udder and teats of dairy cows after milking. more
  3. Heiniger Xperience Clipper

    Heiniger Xperience Clipper

    Regular Price: €360.00

    Special Price €350.00

    250 Watt permanent magnet motor - powerful for most jobs Slimline lightweight body - very easy to use and hold Solid and durable due to fibreglass reinforced body Quiet running - less stress on the animal More torque on the blades than any other comparable machine Worldwide unique connection between the body and the head Easily accessible switch for one handed operation more
  4. Tailwell Hair Remover

    Tailwell Hair Remover


    Tailwell removes all long hair in seconds, even when thick with dirt and manure > Attach to almost any battery drill (14 volt, 1,250rpm) > Very little maintenance required. Just regular lubrication and occasional sharpening of cutters > Supplied as a kit complete with maintenance tools, lubricant and sharpening paste > Tailwell lubricant and sharpening paste available separately more
  5. Udder Hair Remover

    Udder Hair Remover


    The express udder hair remover is an easy way to remove udder hair using a 'cool' flame without causing pain to the cow. Removal of udder hair improves general udder condition. Hairless udders are easier to clean and helps reduce preparation time before milking. Unclipped udder hair accumulates dirt and makes proper sanitization of the teats more difficult. Comes complete with 3mtr high pressure hose. more
  6. Wolsey Harrier Cattle Clipper
    The Harrier is a powerful clipper with a 325 watt motor. It is ideal for all types of clipping, winter clips or for show cattle. It features an air cooled motor and a Wolseley designed air baffle which blows the hair away from the operator. 12 months warranty. Wattage rating 325 Watts Weight 1.5kg more
  7. Liveryman Arena Plus

    Liveryman Arena Plus


    Cool all day operation from one of the best selling clippers on the market. Ideal for contract and medium yard work, with a powerful motor and ergonomically designed narrow body they are superbly balanced. Counter balanced drive crank for low vibration and an aeration system that helps keep blades cool. 200 watts Weight 0.95kgs Suitable for cattle and horses more
  8. Heiniger Handy Clipper

    Heiniger Handy Clipper


    The Heiniger clipper has a 120 watt motor and runs very quietly with little vibration and is ideal for nervous cattle and horses. This clipper also takes Aesculap and Stewart blades. One of our best selling cattle clippers, because it represents outstanding quality , at a value for money price. Comes complete with carry case, oil, cleaning brush and full 12 months warranty. 200 watts 1.25kg more
  9. Heiniger Cordless Spare Battery
    Spare Battery for Heiniger Cordless Battery. more
  10. Universal Dirty Cattle Clippers
    A new professional cattle clipper with a powerful 350w motor. Easy hold design, tremendous value for money. Accepts Heiniger, Aesculap and Stewart blades. Comes complete with carry case,oil, brush, screwdriver and spare carbon brushes. more

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