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  1. Fibre Glass Show Stick

    Fibre Glass Show Stick

    Regular Price: €47.00

    Special Price €40.00

    Virtually unbreakable show stick with rake point, colour Black 52"long more
  2. Chrome Plated Steel Show Stick

    Chrome Plated Steel Show Stick

    Regular Price: €50.00

    Special Price €40.00

    Made of steel/chrome-plated tubing with grip handle (like a golf club). Strong yet lightweight, tip and prodding point are dull and cannot damage animal. 50” long. more
  3. Sullivan's Superstick Show Sticks

    Sullivan's Superstick Show Sticks

    Regular Price: €45.00

    Special Price €38.00

    The preferred show Stick. Super comfortable grip, smooth aluminium alloy shaft. "The strongest showstick on the market" This stick is also available in 36" for the younger or smaller showperson in black only. more
  4. Adjustable Show Stick

    Adjustable Show Stick

    Regular Price: €42.00

    Special Price €39.00

    Aluminium telescopic show stick which adjusts to allow it to be stored in a showbox. Now available in Black, Silver or Red. more
  5. Hustler 2 Piece Pro Stick
    The right stick with the right feel can mean the difference between winning or coming in second. The "Hustler" is easy to transport, breaks down and fits in your showbox. It's the same premium quality, lightweight design and high tensile strength as the original ProStick. Rugged 2-piece construction: Custom machined, solid brass inserts with alloy steel thread lugs permanently fixed in high tensile strength aluminum for maximum strength and durability. Comfortable top of the line rubber grip. more
  6. Sof Stroke for Show Sticks
    Attaches to any Sullivan Show Stick to provide a massaging, scratching tool. The pliable plastic construction of the Soft Stroke makes even the most jumpy cattle more relaxed with its gentle feel more
  7. Sullivan's Tail Clamp

    Sullivan's Tail Clamp


    Finger operated to easily set onto the tail shaft of cattle. It is designed with two protruding buttons on the inside of the clamp that when applied,press against the tail shaft and creates pressure points against the nerve causing the animal to hold the tail more still. A great tool to use when clipping or fitting. Length of the clamp is 51/2" more

7 Item(s)

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