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  1. Vink 1800 Calving Aid - Alternating Action
    The Vink Alternating Action calving aid is very well designed, robust and is constructed of stainless steel. Has an alternating ratchet action which pulls each leg in turn giving an easier passage for the calf. Available with a long 1.8 metre pole. Especially helpful in difficult presentations. Helps to efficiently draw the calf in the correct way for both normal and breach presentations. more
  2. Nylon & Chain Hobble

    Nylon & Chain Hobble


    Made from Polyester and particularly animal friendly padding. Swivel to prevent chain tangling Helps cows get up after giving birth Prevents Injuries more
  3. Nylon Hobble

    Nylon Hobble


    Increased tear and tensile strength by special weaving method. Particularly strong webbing for extreme usage more
  4. Stalosan F 15Kg

    Stalosan F 15Kg


    Unique way to control: •bacteria •fly-larvae •ammonia •vira •diarrhoea •fungi •moisture and litter quality •parasites The regular use of Stalosan® F will lower the risk to a minimum. Stalosan® F can be used for all domestic animals and pets and can be added, while the animals are present in the stable. The product is very economical in use. Simply apply 50g/m2 for 3 days and thereafter once a week. In special cases Stalosan can be used more frequently. Granules have a slower release of the ingredients which lasts for several weeks. Long term effect with a single application. Stalosan® F has been on the market for more than 40 years, and no side effects to animals or humans have ever been reported. Click the link for more information more
  5. Flexi-Stop Splint

    Flexi-Stop Splint


    Designed to help correct the problem of flexed pastern (knuckling over the front feet) in a calf so it can move freely while wearing the splint. Eliminates casting and taping. Reusable splint comes with padding and three securing straps. more
  6. Calf Resuscitator/Aspirator
    Award winning device for new born animals that have a heartbeat but are not breathing. One man operation to gently remove mucus and blockages and then accurately deliver the required volume of air to inflate the lungs. Carry bag, 2 masks and pump included in the kit more
  7. Calf Blanket/ Jacket

    Calf Blanket/ Jacket


    With the use of calf jackets you can make significant savings on feed, medication and bedding costs, by better conversion of energy to growth rather than warmth and reduce the risk of pneumonia and scours from chills and draughts. Optimum protection at low temperatures. Breathable and water repellent High quality for long life Easy to use Machine washable at 50 degrees C Available in two sizes One chest closer, two adjustable leg straps Two adjustable belly straps more
  8. Udder Hair Remover

    Udder Hair Remover


    The express udder hair remover is an easy way to remove udder hair using a 'cool' flame without causing pain to the cow. Removal of udder hair improves general udder condition. Hairless udders are easier to clean and helps reduce preparation time before milking. Unclipped udder hair accumulates dirt and makes proper sanitization of the teats more difficult. Comes complete with 3mtr high pressure hose. more
  9. Vink Calving Ropes ( Pair) Red & Blue
    Vink Calving ropes, one red and one blue made from soft woven nylon. more
  10. Tecnall Calving Aid with Moore Park Head
    Tecnall Calving aid , lightweight heavy duty , 1640mm shaff. Supplied with two ropes and Moorepark Head more

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