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  1. Horn Up

    Horn Up


    The total dehorning solution that respects animal welfare. Powered by the latest generation NiMh battery. Heating element reached 700 degrees C in just 1 second. Dehorning takes just 7 seconds per horn. The bud is not removed, it's cauterized preventing growth. Calves to be dehorned during the first 4 weeks of age. One charge will dehorn a minimum of 40 calves and the battery life is 4 years or 15,000 dehorned calves. more
  2. Express Gas Dehorner

    Express Gas Dehorner


    Portable gas dehorner reaches maximun temperature in 3 to 4 minutes. Gas canister lasts 3- 5 hours. Complete with practical metal case and one canister. more
  3. Gas BUDDEX Debuder 15mm Head
    Portable gas dehorner reaches max temperature in 3 to 4 mins. Comes with metal case and two gas canisters more
  4. Gas BUDDEX Refill Canister
    Gas BUDDEX Refill Canister more
  5. Calor Type Gas Dehorner
    Traditional gas type dehorner complete with 2.5m hose. Works with Butane or Propane. more
  6. Electric Dehorner

    Electric Dehorner


    Wooden handle. Heating time 4 to 5minutes. Fitted with 2.6m of 3 core cable more
  7. Express "Pistol Style" Hosless Gas Dehorner
    “Express” stand-alone dehorner with gas cartridge Very light and compact, the Express stand-alone dehorner with gas cartridge is the ideal product for stockbreeders who want to look after their livestock in the best conditions of hygiene possible. The Express dehorner is ready for use in less than 3 minutes. It allows quick dehorning, taking less than 30 seconds per horn-core. Its reversible tip (dia. 17 and 20 mm) enables dehorning on "every bovine". It is equipped with an integrated Piezo ignition system and is extremely easy to use. The Express dehorner with gas cartridge is cordless and has operation time of approximately 1 ½ hours. It is entirely safe for a use in a wet environment and has no visible flame. Single handed operation. It is simple to change the Piezo trigger and injector, and only takes a few seconds more
  8. Udder Hair Remover

    Udder Hair Remover


    The express udder hair remover is an easy way to remove udder hair using a 'cool' flame without causing pain to the cow. Removal of udder hair improves general udder condition. Hairless udders are easier to clean and helps reduce preparation time before milking. Unclipped udder hair accumulates dirt and makes proper sanitization of the teats more difficult. Comes complete with 3mtr high pressure hose. more
  9. Calf Dehorning Paste

    Calf Dehorning Paste


    Removes horn buttons before horns stat. Apply a thin film of paste as soon as buttons can be felt. This is one of the easiest methods of dehorning more

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