General Cattle Equipment

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  1. Calf Blanket/ Jacket

    Calf Blanket/ Jacket


    With the use of calf jackets you can make significant savings on feed, medication and bedding costs, by better conversion of energy to growth rather than warmth and reduce the risk of pneumonia and scours from chills and draughts. Optimum protection at low temperatures. Breathable and water repellent High quality for long life Easy to use Machine washable at 50 degrees C Available in two sizes One chest closer, two adjustable leg straps Two adjustable belly straps more
  2. Cosy Calf Cow Rug (Outdoor)
    Ideal for sick or downer cows. Outdoor rugs 1200D, Waterproof, Breathable, Machine washable at 50 degrees c more
  3. Universal Battery Operated Clipper - With 2 Batteries
    Great for clipping backs of cattle for pour on solution as well as tails and also suitable for dagging sheep Ideal where there is no access to a power point These highly durable clippers are the latest in ergonomic design. A very robust clipper that doesn't overheat like other brands,and stay cool even after a prolong period of use Comes with two batteries that both lasts approx one hour each and with the charging pod, you can be clipping whilst having the spare battery on charge (45 mins charging time) more
  4. Foxlight



    The Foxlight is an innovative idea to protect lambs, chickens and other livestock from foxes and other night time predators.The Foxlight was developed by an Australian farmer to prevent foxes from taking his lambs. The Foxlight works by giving the illusion that someone is walking around with a torch at night and this helps to keep predators away. As opposed to a regular flashing light, which predators will get used to, the Foxlight uses a series of blue and white LEDs controlled by a computer chip to create a varying timed and totally random display that predators will not be able to predict or become accustomed to. The Foxlight can be placed on a pole or, attached to a fence or even hung from a tree and the light will be visible for up to 1 mile away. The unit is sealed and weather resistant. The Foxlight is powered by a regular six volt battery and a single battery can last for up to six months. The Foxlight works by using a light sensor so is comes on automatically at sunset and turns off automatically at dawn. Battery Not Included more
  5. Lamb Cosy Jacket

    Lamb Cosy Jacket


    The use of lamb jackets reduces the risk of hypothermia which is caused by exposure and starvation. Hypothermia can reduce the suckling instinct of newborn lambs leading reduced colostrum intake which will cause the lamb to be weak and can in turn lead to rejection by the ewe especially in multiple births. By 5 hours old the lamb will have used most of the brown fat it is born with and then requires more energy to survive; if it is cold it will lose energy quicker and be less likely to be strong enough to feed as required. Identifying hypothermia early will be the key to the survival rate of the lamb. Hypothermia causes 30% of lamb losses but a lot of these could be avoided by early detection and action to reverse the effects. Material: Outer shell 600D Oxford, 100g filling, nylon lining. Available in three sizes: Small ( 8–12 pounds ) Medium ( 12–16 pounds ) Large ( 16+ pounds ) Community Registered Design number: 002935007 There are a number of ways of warming a hypothermic lamb. E.g. a heat lamp or warming box. Preventing hypothermia by the use of a lamb jacket will reduce the risk of rejection by the ewe as it is natural heat retention of the body temperature of the lamb which can be left with its mother rather than removing the lamb and artificially heating it then returning it to the ewe smelling different and losing bonding time. This is most detrimental in multiple births as bonding of all lambs should be at the same time. Lamb jackets can enable ewes and lambs to be turned out in colder/wetter weather conditions to provide more space in lambing sheds, give the lambs a more natural environment with less subjection to infectious diseases and poor ventilation.Lamb jackets provide protection in sudden changes or adverse weather conditions more
  6. Sturdy Lamb Feeder

    Sturdy Lamb Feeder


    The Sturdy Animal Surrogate Feeder is an ideal unit for providing a constant supply of warm milk to young orphaned animals. In the animal breeding industry, sometimes it is not always possible to feed a full litter at one time, or sometimes a mother may abandon its young thus depriving them of milk. more
  7. Andis Blades

    Andis Blades


    Andis UltraEdge Blades - Exclusive process adds carbon edge to keep blades sharper longer. Special chrome finish resists rust and keeps blades at optimum performance. more
  8. Medi - Dart

    Medi - Dart


    edi-Darts are tools for giving intramuscular or subcutaneous injections to livestock without the need to restrain the animal. Meid-Darts unique needle design holds the dare in the animal until the medication is delivered. Once the injection is complete the needle is pushed out of the animal by our patented system. Better for Cattle Producers - No need to restrain the animal and the animal can be treated easily on pasture or in a pen, keeps problems from getting out of hand as the animal can be treated sooner with less stress Less time is needed to medicate the animal as it is a one-person mobile treatment system, low cost and low maintenance. Better for Cattle - Low stress on the animals, no chasing or restraining, keeps the animal with the herd and keeps the animal on feed rations. more
  9. Warts OFF Wart Treatment

    Warts OFF


    Excellent aid for removing external warts from cattle, horses, goats and dogs. Aids in the removal of warts without bleeding or pain. Simply apply Warts Off twice a day for results. May be applied to the udder and teats of dairy cows after milking. more
  10. Nylon & Chain Hobble

    Nylon & Chain Hobble


    Made from Polyester and particularly animal friendly padding. Swivel to prevent chain tangling Helps cows get up after giving birth Prevents Injuries more

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